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حديث مبارک ميں الله كے رسول صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم نے ارشاد فرمايا ہے كہ "جو كوئى بنده كچهـ بهى كهانے پينے كے بعد الحمدالله كہ كر ايک مرتبہ سورة اخلاص يعنى قل هوالله احد كى سورة ايک مرتبہ پڑهے گا اس كے گهر ميں رزق كى كشادگى ہوگى اور اس گهر ميں كوئى كبهى فاقہ نہ ہوگا اور جب تک وه كهانا تمہارے پيٹ ميں موجود رہے گا اس كها نے كا ايک ايک دانہ الله كا ذكر كرتا رہے گا جس كى بركت سے تمہارا چہرا منور رہے گا"

Haripur: Land of loving people, peace and prosperity. One of the most beautiful, historical and peaceful city of Pakistan located to the north of Islamabad.

Haripur is a city in Haripur District in the Hazara Division some 65 km(40mi) north of Islamabad and 35 km(22mi) south of Abbottabad, in a hilly plain area at on altitude of 250mi(1,706ft). The city is situated on the Karakorum Highway.

Haripur is a green valley rich in fruits and vegetables and serves as the base market for the mountainous cities of Abbottabad and Mansehra the Lest of Hazara division. The main language spoken in Haripur is "Hindko"  , which is related language like Panjabi, Potohari, Gojri and Urdu .Khanpur  is the one of the main area of Haripur is famous for it "red blood orange". To the north the world's largest rock fill dam, the "Tarbela Dam".

Close to the city of Haripur also lies the industrial area of  Hattar.  Another major industry lying at the outside of the city "The Telephone industry of Pakistan (T I P) the biggest telephone industry in Asia". Located just next TIP is National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC). 

Climate of District is “hot in summer and cold in winter”. It is moderate.

like Spring (March – May), Hot (June – August), Autumn (September – November), Winter (December – February)


Website Launching Ceremony:

On 10 Dec. 2013 District Govt Haripur website launching ceremony, was held at the conference room of District Secretariat Haripur, which was presided by Mr. Nisar Ahmed, DC Haripur, Ceremony was attended by the head of departments and prominent officials.

Mr. Abdul Rasheed  Director Local Govt briefed the chair and the participants about the website and the information provided in the website. The ceremony was started from the verses of Holy Quran,  recitation was followed by Nahat Shreef and National Anthem.
The Deputy Commissioner pressed the button and launched the official website of Local Govt and Rural Development Department Haripur.

Website Launching

The Deputy Commissioner while addressing the meeting applauded and appreciated the efforts and performance of Mr. Abdul Rasheed Assistant Director Local Govt & Rural Development Department.

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